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I’m a digital marketing professional specializing in Paid Search (SEM, PPC). I have experience in creating and managing text ads, image ads, Gmail ads, video ads, shopping ads & mobile app ads.

Here’s a brief summary of my knowledge & skills:

1. Conversion tracking (Track purchases, form submissions, calls, app downloads etc.)

2. Campaign set up and optimization (search and display, shopping, Video, mobile app)

3. Re-marketing List creation & Campaign setup

4. Bid management (CPC, CPV, CPM, CPA)

5. Gmail Sponsored ads Setups

6. Quality score maintenance (keywords analysis, relevant ads creation, URL targeting)

7. Google analaytics (Goals, filters, remarketing list, event tracking etc.)

8. E-commerce tracking (Transactions, Revenue, Average Order Value, Unique Purchases, Quantity etc.)

9. Google Tag manager (Setup website tracking without disturb website coding)

10. Google Merchant Center (Products data sheet optimization & diagnosis)

11. Rich snippet setup (micro data coding setup)

12. Facebook ads campaign management (campaign creation, page creation, conversion setup etc.)

13. Basic knowledge of wordpress, java script, html, css, xml and photoshop

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Contact Me


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