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Role of Adwords Expert & Consultation:

Leads from Adwords Campaign are not easy without help of Adwords Consultant. A normal marketing person can setup Adwords account but can’t generate leads from campaign. You can check from Google that how many advertisers running marketing campaigning for their business. In this situation, you needs right campaign manager for your account for getting returns from paid marketing investment.

Adwords consultant helps you to boost your conversions from your Adwords account & Gives your best returns. So your business needs An Experienced Adwords Expert. Adwords Consultant does the analysis of your business & PPC management strategies & plan out best things which you deserve. At PPC TAG, Experience certified Adwords consultant will help you for getting more leads from your PPC Campaign.

Why hire me as your Adwords Consultant? 

Before hire any Adwords consultant, you should check the information about education, experience and success track record. My qualification, creativity, experience, and lead Generation track record make me different from other Adwords expert.

  • My Qualification: its matter that qualified person manages your Adwords campaign. I am Google certified Adwords expert. I have passed following exams and achieve not only Adwords but Advanced Adwords Campaign management certificates:
  1. Digital Sales Certification
  2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  3. AdWords Mobile Certification
  4. AdWords Search Certification
  5. AdWords Display Certification
  6. Google Shopping Certification
  7. AdWords Video Certification
  8. AdWords Fundamentals
  • Creative ideas: Profits from Adwords, only possible with new thoughts & quick actions. With new ideas, I will guide you for what is best for your business & how I will implement it. There are thousands of ads you will see. But most of using common words in ads, common lading pages, and text content so not all wins the success. It’s my strategy to win success for make unique copy ads for attract the users with faithful sentences and lines.
  • Experience: As 6 Years Experienced Adwords Expert, I have managed 50+ Adwords Account over $4 million of ad spends with Satisfactory ROI. I have experience of running campaign for professional and local services business. I have run the campaign for Lawyers, Dentist, plumber, real estate, Accountant, Financial planner, restaurant, and hotels etc. Text, image, display, Video, Call only, and different ads are available at Adwords platform for promoting the services but all are not productively best for all types of business. As experienced Google Adwords expert, I will suggest right ads as per your business and needs.

What you get from my consulting service?

Relaxation, Real Help & Results – these 3 things you will get from my Adwords campaign management consultation. Google Adwords expert help you to generate more relevant traffic to your website through paid ads campaigning. Qualitative and quantitative results are my first & last aim. I promise to business owners that you will get right business enquiries from your new or existing Adwords campaign after hire me.

Top Adwords Consulting Performance Factors:

  • Quality traffic with filtering of irrelevant clicks
  • Control advertising spends with maintaining Conversions
  • Reduce cost per click with increasing clicks on Graph
  • Converting ad positions with increasing CTR
  • Maintaining average quality score 7 above with top ads rank
  • High Profit at minimum budget

Types of Adwords Campaign I managed:

  • Search Ads: Show you ads in Google search Results & Google Search Network website in Text ads format.
  • Display Ads: Promote business on Google Display Ads Partners website in different size of banners ads format.
  • Video Ads: Advertise you product, services or offers through a short film & display on YouTube videos for short duration.
  • Shopping Ads: Using Google merchant account, promote your online shop products on Google search & display network.
  • Gmail Ads: Show your ads with promotion massage on Gmail & directly connect to potential customer & users.

My Adwords Consulting Service – Successful Adwords Campaign management

  • Account Audit: Get Free of cost initial Adwords audit of your existing account. know about whats you was losing & how you can convert loss in to profit.
  • Website analysis: A deep analysis of your business with answer of “which types of ads campaign is best for you & how much budget you should spend?”
  • Competitor Analysis: know about your competitors & their paid marketing strategy.
  • Keywords Research: Detailed research on your business queries with the help of paid & free keywords analysis tools.
  • Account setup: Complete setup of Adwords account based on your targeted location, Language, budget, time scheduling & type of campaign.
  • Campaign structuring: Design structure of ads campaign by grouping your business services or products for getting more leads & economic traffic.
  • Ads Creations: Catchy & attractive ads creation for promoting your business online on Google search & display network.
  • Ads Extension: Making your search ads more powerful by using properly Call, call out, location, site link & more ads extensions.
  • Conversion setup: Setup proper tacking of your business leads for evaluating ROI from PPC Campaigning.
  • Remarketing list creation: Setup of remarketing code for creation list of your website visitors & invites them for revisits.
  • Analysis Setup: Tracking the traffic on website from paid marketing, using additional & best features of Google Analytics.
  • 24*7 monitoring: Tracking each impression, click & sources of traffic (placement) properly for saving your campaign from worthless spends.
  • Reporting: Daily, weekly & monthly performance reporting of your Adwords campaign with right guidance & support.

Note: I prepare Full Transparency means You Always Have Access to Your Account for monitor what I am doing with you account.

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