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Hire! Certified Google Adwords Professional

Adwords expert simple definition is “who knows practically about how to increase business via Adwords and generate the high return on investment (ROI) from paid marketing.

Due to following skills, I call myself as “Adwords PPC Expert”.

Competitor Identification Skill:
To identify competitors is the important skills of Adwords Campaign Manager. Competitor identification helps to plan paid marketing strategy. If you are new with Adwords and want to invest on Google ads then AdWords specialist can give you the budget suggestion based on your competitor analysis, case studies, blog reading and my practical work experience.

Study on Keywords Research:
Marketer spends money on advertising the business, only for revenue. Adwords Expert knows all things very well about how to start campaigning. before running any campaign, Adwords Professional do the deep research & work on “relevant (right) keywords analysis for targeting”. An Experienced PPC Expert Categories keywords on the basis of important points like estimated cost, types, relevancy, impression, language and location before finalizing any keywords list

Knowledge about Ads Selection:
Expertise in Adwords means you have perfect knowledge about which types of ads are best for your business goals. Adwords facilitate you to create text, image, video, shopping and Gmail ads but all ads are not profitable for every business as if your website is e-commerce website then it is important to go with shopping ads for promotion and if it is of local services like lawyer marketing or dental marketing then text ads are perfect. An Adwords Expert knows this all information very well so he can manage properly your campaign.

Best knowledge of Adwords conversion tracking:
Adwords experts have proper knowledge of conversion tracking. Marketers don’t know about “what is Adwords or how Adwords is working”, they want only profit. Success depends on profits which you will get from True Adwords campaign.
Conversion tracking is the perfect way to measure the profits from Google Adwords Campaign. I have complete knowledge of all types of Adwords conversion tracking.

Knowledge of Google analytics:
Google analytics helps to identify the target audience, keywords, location, language etc. I have the best knowledge of Google analytics setup, Adwords and analysis linking, Ecommerce tracking setups, Events creations etc. Adwords permit us to export analytics data into Adwords. So using this technique I can help you to reach the right audience from Google Paid Ads.

Practical Exercise of Google Adwords:
“Practice makes man perfect” After working on 100+ Google Adwords account & running over $2 million budgets campaigning, I have got practical knowledge of Adwords account management. My practical knowledge helps you to grow business using paid advertisement.

If you are thinking to start Paid Marketing campaigning for your business & looking to hire Qualified Adwords professional for getting more sales from your PPC Campaign then Contact “PPC TAG“.

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Google AdWords is a simple and transparent adverting interface for ads setup and creations so the advertiser can easily monitor the performance of the ads.  A basic theme of AdWords is “complete ads running control in your hand” means when you want to run ads campaign & when you want stop ads campaign”  in your hands.
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