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Google Analytics Certification

As Google Analytics consultant,  I help you to gain the game-changing & meaningful data about your website visitors. I will setup analytics account, tracking on website, Goals & filters in analytics for getting appropriate data about viewers.

Why is Analytics important for you?

Following Thing you can know from analytics:

  • From which GEO location user come.
  • Real time visitors information
  • which web pages visited by users
  • How many users has taken click actions (form submission, add cart, purchase etc.)
  • Page speed (speed of each web URL)
  • Landing & exit page information
  • Flow of visitors (Details about landing to exit path)
  • On which devices user coming on your web pages.
  • Type of Traffic (Organic, paid, social or direct)
  • Behaviors of visitors

…more thing you can get from analytics. But it’s only possible when you will hire a Google analytics certified expert. After creating a website,  marketing strategy depends on users types & user’s choice. If you would like to know more things about your website visitors & wants true analytics help then contact PPC TAG & get real analytics consulting from experts.


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