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How to remove new domain from Google sandbox?

Before discuss on topic we first understand what is sandbox? Google Sandbox is experts panel for monitor the activities of domain for special time period. They specially check which websites follow the webmaster guideline & who not follow it. Penalized & new domains always have in sandbox for tacking the activities like content, links, images & when…
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Which one is best between SEO and PPC?

Before decide who is best SEO or PPC, we need to compare SEO and PPC. No. SEO PPC 1 Search Engine optimization is long term procedure for generate the revenue by website. Pay per click is the sort term procedures for getting the business by website. 2 SEO result are stable & long time profitable…
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How the automatic payment method is not risky and very profitable?

Google adwords initially provide two payment methods: Manually Automatic payments But which method is best for advertiser, a very confusing question? Because some persons fear with add the credit card to adwords. The reason is very common, “if Google deduct more money from my account or if Google will cheat & give more clicks then…
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Why quality score is important for more converted clicks?

Converted clicks ratio is depend on your ads and PPC landing page. A quality score is marking to your adword keywords on the basis of relevancy of ads and landing pages.  The quality score is defines by the Google & it’s give the quality status for your campaign. Before discuss about relation between quality score…
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10 tricks for getting more conversions by adwords campaign:

10 tricks for getting more conversions by adwords campaign: Analyses the competitor’s website or landing pages. Design User friendly and responsive landing pages. Use Adwords editor tool for proper keywords research & choose more potential keywords. Use ads preview and diagnosis tool for analysing the competitors adwords campaign. Research product demand countries and targeting language.…
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5 best practices for designing the landing pages of adwords

5 best practices for designing the landing pages of adwords: Provide complete contact details like contact no., address and mail id etc. in the landing page. Sure that your landing page has responsive (mobile compatible) or not. Provide smooth navigation menu for easily understanding to you & your products. Provide detailed information about products, offers,…
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