Content Marketing

True actions for Goals

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating & distributing meaningful content to attract your targeted audience & retain customer actions.

There’s no doubt that content marketing is lead the digital marketing. Rather than replacing SEO, social media or email marketing,it has become an primary component of each of these strategies and channels.

Successful content marketing is being in touch the right meaning at the right time to your consumers. The strategy starts with essential buyer personas and categorizes questions they ask during their business process. Then marketers, innovative and business stakeholders can make a decision which types – at what incidence – are best suitable to answer these questions.

Types of content marketing.

  • Infographics
  • Meme
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Book reviews
  • Opinion post
  • Product reviews
  • How-to
  • Lists
  • Link pages
  • Ebook
  • Case Study
  • Podcast
  • Interview
  • Research and original data


1. More website engagement
2. Higher visibility in search engines
3. Higher domain authority
4. More referral traffic
5. More social traffic (and followers!)
6. Increased conversion potential.
7. Improved brand reputation.
8. Tighter customer/reader relationships.
9. Universal utility.
10. Decreased marketing costs and compounding value.

Reasons:Why needs Content Optimization

  1. Trust in advertising is terrible
  2. Delivers quality lead generation
  3. Fulfills a Desire for More Information
  4. For Improving Search Engine Optimization
  5. Content Optimization will position your brand as a leader
  6. Content Optimization will influence consumer decision making
  7. Content Optimization will feed your native advertising
  8. Delivers strong ROI
  9. Social media feeds on your Content Marketing
  10. Consumers will love you