Disclaimer and Policy

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Disclaimer and Policy


We are digital marketing agency and our work is to provide internet marketing service by using ethical work process but we would like declare some of important point regarding online marketing process.

“Investment on digital marketing including Search engine optimization, social media marketing, Pay per Click and affiliate marketing are subject to marketing risk. We don’t claim and can’t give you any guarantee about specific numbers of leads, enquiries or business. We are only responsible for ethical online marketing. “

“If you find anywhere promotion content about us which claims any guarantee of fixed leads or business then we request to you please report it immediately at our website. “

Google Adwords, Bing advertising, Facebook advertising and other paid advertisement platform exist their own billing system. We are not responsible for any type irregularities or mistakes from Google, Facebook or other paid advertising platform billing. We are taking fee for campaigns management. We are not representative from Google, Facebook, bing and other ads platforms so we are not responsible for any type of policie changes and updates.

Search engine optimization is process of improving visibility for your specific business keywords. We claim that we will follow white hate process for boosting your keywords ranking but keywords ranking is directly depend on Google or other search engines algorithm so any time, if search engine updates happen and keyword ranking your then you are not eligible to claim us for any lose with any report or right reasons.


PPC TAG never forces to any one for full advance payment but according to business ethics we request 25% to 50% advance payment according to our services. Satisfaction is very important subject for business relationship but we would like to define our policies.

It is your responsibility to check regularly our performance and if in any case you are unsatisfied then report us immediately. If you will report us within 3 days after work starting then we will stop works but if you do not initiate us about your views, likes, dislikes then we are eligible to claim “full payment” At time of monthly payment, we will never concern any type of performance excuse.


If take benefits of our paid advertising service then we will send you daily status report which include all important analysis segments like “clicks” “impression””ads””conversions” etc. With SEO services, we will send you weekly report because SEO need time for analyzing performance.

In month end we will send details reports with complete performance analysis.

****Mention on everything is full and final policy of PPC TAG and we are free to change it according market conditions.  We request that please clear all doubts and queries before finalize business with US. *****