Landing Page Optimization

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Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is to build Web pages that better engage your target audience, drive more leads & raises the ROI of digital marketing.

What Is A Landing Page? – A Brief Overview

A landing page is the web page a potential customer arrives at after expressing interest in one of several forms of advertising:

  • A search engine result (like Google)
  • A banner ad
  • A Google AdWords or AdSense ad
  • A link in an email
  • Print advertising
  • TV commercials

The purpose of a landing page is to expand upon the message of the advertisement or link and convince the visitor to “convert” into becoming a customer by taking a specific action. How the page achieves this depends on the goals of campaign and the type of landing page used.

There are 3 main categories of landing page:

  1. Standalone Landing Pages: These include; Click Through, Lead Capture (Lead Gen or Squeeze Page), Infomercial and Viral landing pages.
  2. Microsites: A small multi-page website (or sitelet) usually created as a supplement to the main website.
  3. Internal Website Landing Pages: Homepages and product detail pages.

Types of landing pages

1. Click Through Landing Pages
2. Lead Capture Landing Pages
3. Infomercial Landing Pages
4. Viral Landing Pages
5. Microsites
6. Product Detail Landing Page
7. Homepage as a Landing Page

Critical Elements of an Effective Landing Page

1) A headline and (optional) sub-headline
2) A brief description of the offer that clearly emphasizes its value
3) At least one supporting image
4) supporting elements such as testimonials, Video or security badges
5) A form to capture visitors’ information
6) A/B Testing
7) Relevant internal linking
8) Collecting data Security proof (like virus protected, hacking protected)
9) Social Sharing Button
10) Mobile, browser and user friendly design