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I am Mohit – founder of PPC Tag (A digital marketing informative blog & consultant). I had started my digital marketing journey in 2011 as trainee executive & after getting approx 6 years of experience now I can say with confidently – “it’s profitable to deal for you to hire me for your firm or organization online advertising & promotion.

I have done successfully Adwords, analytics, big ads, Facebook ads & Hubspot certifications. From 2011 to present, I have worked on approx 200+ websites including all type of industries like lawyer, dentist, manufacturing, education, finance & ecommerce.

In paid marketing, I have run the approx 1 billion of dollar budget’s AdWords campaign from 2011 to present. I always focus on relevant traffic & leads. My expertise in “AdWords campaigns management, Keywords research, On-page SEO, Local SEO & Link creation” can increase your business & growth.

I am offering true digital marketing services at affordable price. You can contact me for free website audits & quotation.

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    • Comparative analysis of competitors (keywords, back links, anchor texts, keywords, page design, content)
    • Keywords Research for website by using different tools like Google keywords planner, SEMRush, Word-stream, Majesticseo etc.
    • On page SEO (Website Analysis, Keyword Analysis and Suggestion, Image & Hyperlink Optimization, Meta tags Generation, Content modification, Robots.txt File Creation, XML & HTML Sitemap Creation and Submission, Rich snippet markup, Google Map Setup etc.)
    • OFF Page Optimization (Article Submission, RSS Feed Submission, Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Social Bookmark, Press Release, Business Listing etc.)
    • Google Adwords Account management : Keywords research, Campaign, ad-group and ads structure planning and creation, Text, images, video, Gmail, shopping and mobile app campaign planning and creation, Biddingstrategy (CPC, CPM, CPV and CPM) planning, Conversion optimization and Re-marketing campaign.
    • Google analytics Account Management : Account setup for website and mobile app, Filter, Goal, funnel creation and setup, Ecommerce tracking setup using tag manager, Webmaster & Adwords accounts Integration, Web traffic analysis (GEO, Traffic source & medium etc.)
    • Social Media Optimization: Account and Pages Creation on the social profile like Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn, Pintrest,, Instagram ads, stumbleupon etc., planning the website promotion on social media, active hash tag analysis, active trend analysi, Tagging, article and blog post sharing.
    • Local Business Promotion: Create and manage the Business profile on best business directories Google places, yahoo local, bing places, citysquares, ezlocal, xing, manta, yalwa, yelp, crunchbase etc.
    • Reporting: Daily, monthly and Weekly SEO, SMO and PPC report creation, Performance monitoring in terms of keywords ranking, conversions and revenue.



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