Why call only ads and extension best for Lawyer marketing?

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Call-only-lawyerVictims want instant helps and advice from lawyers, so the call only ads one of the best ad format for lawyer marketing and Law firm. User needs urgent consultation in many cases like personal injuries, car accident, insurance and bankruptcy and financial advisory. “Call to lawyer” is the best way for users to get instant help. If you are running a Google Adwords campaign, then you should need to aware about are you using or not, call only ads & extension?

What is call only ads?

Call only ads are a type of search network mobile targeting ad which encourages users to directly contact through phone Call. These ads are same as normal text ads, but website link is replaced from call button. In these types of ads you can insist to victims for calling and direct conversation.

What is call extension?

Call extension is a one type of Google Adwords ads extension. By using this extension you can give calling option as well as a website link. That’s mean you able to give the two options to user: a) Visit website by click on ads & b) directly call to lawyers without visit web site.

Why call only ads and extension helpful for law firms to find out more clients and business?

Attorneys have very busy schedule and its fact that they have no time to check each and every inquiry in details. Normally inquiries work is done by secretaries and if the victim don’t able to write more details or don’t want to share details in written then how they can contact with lawyers?

The answer is “by a phone call, victim can express their problem to a lawyer but how it is possible? Because of phone no is only available on some directories or on the website. Indirectly to find out phone number is a tricky task for the victim so call only ads and ads extension is the best way to share phone no with others.

What are the call only ads benefits?

  • Direct calling: According above description, you can understand that how much easier for victims to direct contact to you by click on the call button.
  • Easy conversion tracking: You can track information about how much call you have received with ads, through the Adwords conversion tracking setup.
  • Phone call details: Adwords provide phone call reports. In this report, you find the details information about received and missed phone calls, including call duration, phone no. details, country, state and city details etc.
  • Easy to use and create: Call only ad creation is too much ease and use of call extension also an easy for advertisers. You do not need to put any extra efforts.
  • Cost: Call only ads CPC are same like text ads, based on keywords. It means Google do not extra charges for call only ads and extension.
  • Mobile reach: These ads develop with Google for mobile users. You can reach easily to that user, who is searching your on mobile.

As a conclusion, overall call only ads finest technique for lawyers and law firms for attorney marketing.

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